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Struts 2.x Framework
Struts 2.x Intro
Struts 2.x Setup
Struts 2.x HelloWorld Example
Struts 2.x with Database
Struts 2.x with FileUpload
Struts 2.x Validation Using Java
Struts 2.x Validation Using XML
Struts 2.x Internationalization
Struts 2.x with Tiles
Struts 2.x with AJAX
Struts 2.x with Email
Struts 2.x with Interceptor
Struts 2.x with Hibernate
Struts 2.x UI Tags
Struts 2.x with Annotation
Struts 1.x Framework
Struts Intro
Struts Packaging
Struts Tags
Struts Exception
Struts Validation
Struts i18n
Struts Tiles
Hibernate Framework
Hibernate Intro
Hibernate API
Hibernate Configuration
Hibernate Mapping
Hibernate Adv Mapping
Hibernate HQL
Basic Examples
Polymorphic Examples
Association Examples
Collection Examples
Query API Examples
Hibernate Transaction
Hibernate Cache
Annotation Examples
Hibernate with Servlet
Hibernate with Struts
Spring Framework
Spring Intro
Spring First Example
Spring Bean Scope
Spring Bean Life Cycle
Spring Bean Wiring
Spring IoC Container
Spring Dependency Injection
Spring AOP
Spring AOP Example
Spring JDBC
Spring JDBC Example
Spring with ORM
Spring ORM Example
Spring with MVC
Spring MVC Example
Spring Annotation
Spring Transaction Management
Spring with J2EE
Spring with Struts
Spring with Security
Spring with JMS
Spring with JavaMail
Spring with JSF
Spring with Web Services
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Apache Tomcat
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Apache Struts is an open-source web application framework for developing Java EE web applications.

It uses and extends the Java Servlet API to encourage developers to adopt a model-view-controller (MVC) architecture.

It was originally created by Craig McClanahan and donated to the Apache Foundation in May, 2000.

Formerly located under the Apache Jakarta Project and known as Jakarta Struts, it became a top-level Apache project in 2005.

The WebWork framework spun off from Apache Struts aiming to offer enhancements and refinements while retaining the same general architecture of the original Struts framework.

However, it was announced in December 2005 that Struts would re-merge with WebWork. WebWork 2.2 has been adopted as Apache Struts2, which reached its first full release in February 2007.

Tutorials - Struts 2.x Framework : From Apache Software Foundation
Chapter 1   : Struts 2.x Intro
Chapter 2   : Struts 2.x Setup
Chapter 3   : Struts 2.x HelloWorld Example
Chapter 4   : Struts 2.x with Database
Chapter 5   : Struts 2.x with FileUpload
Chapter 6   : Struts 2.x Validation Using Java
Chapter 7   : Struts 2.x Validation Using XML
Chapter 8   : Struts 2.x Internationalization
Chapter 9   : Struts 2.x with Tiles
Chapter 10  : Struts 2.x with AJAX
Chapter 11  : Struts 2.x with Email
Chapter 12  : Struts 2.x with Interceptor
Chapter 13  : Struts 2.x with Hibernate
Chapter 14  : Struts 2.x UI Tags
Chapter 15  : Struts 2.x with Annotation
Struts 1.x Framework
Chapter 1   : About Struts Framework
Chapter 2   : Packaging Struts Framework
Chapter 3   : Tags in Struts
Chapter 4   : Exception in Struts
Chapter 5   : Validation using Struts
Chapter 6   : Internationalization[I18n] in Struts
Chapter 7   : Using Tiles Framework in Struts
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